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The most important thing is that RNKGI stands for the future. Because the future represents the legacy we all want to leave behind. We stand for the accomplishments you want to make. We represent the memories you want to create; RNKGI is whatever you want to leave on this earth. We are creating new opportunities; we are building bridges between communities and countries. We are a tool to help you realize your goals. We do this by managing your wealth, in order to accomplish that we carefully analyze and put effort into choosing our products and SMEs. These companies have shown to be successful in the past and are guaranteed to show success in the future. We are here for people who work hard and smart.

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three steps to Investing

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We made our investing strategy as simple and accessible as possible. Learn more about our strategy by reaching out. 


Choose a sector

Every investor has their personal reason to get involved in a SME. In order to make this a successful investment we strongly advice to choose the sector you are most affiliated to.


Choose a Small-medium sized bussiness enterprise

Once you have picked a sector you will be introduced to the SMEs that are attached to this sector.


Profit from your investment

Our strategy and formula has its own proven track record. After you have chosen a sector and the attached SME the only thing left is to profit from your investment. 

we are here every step of the way

Please do not hesitate to contact us we are delighted to help you further. 

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You Deserve The best advice

Small to Medium Businesses are the core of our organization. We aim to offer you the best advice that there is. In order to arrange your investment we do need a couple of documents from you. Reach out to learn what is required in order for you to make use of our services. 

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