Terms & conditions

terms & conditions

RNK Global Investments terms and conditions (Model 2.1)

  1. Definitions

In these terms & conditions the following definitions will be used, in the singular as well as the plural:

  • User: anyone using RNKGI products and services.
  • RNKGI: RNK Global Investments or any of its subsidiaries, making use of the brand RNKGI.
  1. General
  • RNKGI supplies services and products to Users, which enable them to accept investment, or offer investment.
  • By using our products and/or services any User agrees to these terms & conditions. It is at RNKGI’s discretion whether any party can become a User. These conditions apply to all our products, services and the website.
  1. Changes to these terms & conditions
  • RNKGI may change these terms & conditions at any time, for example in response to changed conditions or change in legislation. As soon as a new version is available this will be published on the website (s).
  1. Normal and accepted use
  • The online system for investment is open to normal and accepted use by Users. The User will not jeopardize the functioning of the system in any way. The User will not add or extract data beyond what is consistent with normal and accepted use. RNKGI determines what is considered normal and accepted use. In principle, all actions are considered normal use which will allow a User stay up to date with the development of RNKGI and the RNKGI products and/or allow the User to gain additional information about an investment round set up by a User.
  • User will ensure that their equipment is adequately secured and their software is protected against viruses and other potentially damaging factors.
  • It is only allowed to use a normal web-browser when approaching the website(s). Using an automated system, such as a robot, spider or offline reader will be sanctioned with a denial of access to the platform.
  • Without explicit permission from RNKGI it is not allowed to collect personal information about the Users of the website or handle this information in any other way.
  • As an exception to the previous clause will be public search engines, provided they are collecting information with the aim of making published search indices for the material.
  1. Privacy

RNKGI manages personal information in compliance with relevant law. On the RNKGI website a Privacy Policy is specified. This Privacy Policy is part of these conditions and an agreement with these conditions is an agreement with the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy can be changed by RNKGI unilaterally. If the Privacy Policy is changed this will be published on our website.

  1. Users
  • Anyone over the age of 18 can register as a User. During registration you are required to provide factually accurate information.
  • For any User the following will apply:
  • . The password for your account should be kept in a safe place unavailable to third parties. If the security of a password is breached you should reset your password immediately.
  • . The User can log in through a third party – e.g. Twitter, Facebook or Google. In this case User authorizes Investee to allow access to the account through open authorisation (oAuth).
  • . Access to the User’s email account – used for communications from your RNKGI account – should be carefully controlled. Persons who have access to that email account are also able to enter your RNKGI account. Any loss or damage suffered by the User as a consequence of poor access control are entirely the responsibility of the User.
  • . By storing information about securities in a RNKGI account the User declares that the email account associated with that RNKI account is an up-to-date contact address, and further agrees that this email address can be used for formal communications such as updates, calls to elections, etc, by the issuer of the securities, or any other party involved, as described in the associated securities’ contracts. Any loss or damage suffered by the User as a consequence of providing inaccurate address information or failing to update address information is entirely the responsibility of the User.
  • . User is responsible for any activities carried out from his account with the RNKGI.
  1. Intellectual property
  • The contents presented on the website of the RNKGI fall under copyright. Users are not permitted to copy or publish these contents other than for the normal use described in these terms & conditions, without prior written permission from RNKGI or the corresponding holder of the copyright.
  • Without prior permission of RNKGI it is not allowed to use RNKGI brands.
  1. Liability disclaimer
  • The RNKGI products and the RNKGI website have been assembled with great care. RNKGI offers no guarantees, advise or recommendation as to the suitability of the offered information documents or other products for the purpose any User may have. Possible shortcoming of any agreements between Users are not the responsibility of RNKGI, but exclusively the responsibility of the parties to such an agreement.
  • RNKGI is not responsible for information placed by Users. A User who concludes that information on the site may be in violation of law must report this to RNKGI.
  • RNKGI has no control over, or insight into, the management of third parties and therefore will not offer any guarantees as to the availability of her website(s) and services.
  • RNKGI realises that access to the RNKGI website(s) and/or services may be illegal in other countries. Each User will bear full responsibility for acting in accordance with local legislation.
  • RNKGI can, for the reasons indicated, not accept any responsibility for any damages that may occur to Users or third parties as a consequence of a failure of these websites and/or services offered by RNKGI. Only in the case of gross negligence on the side of RNKGI can an exception be made. The possible liability of RNKGI reaches no further than direct damage that the User can prove. RNKGI is never responsible for any indirect damage suffered by User.
  • RNKGI is not responsible for damages as a consequence of incorrect information provided by User while generating their account.
  • RNKGI User needs to read and understand the risks of investing in the financial instruments which are offered by Users, using the products of RNKGI. If the Investor is not able to assess such risks adequately the User is recommended not to use those financial instruments. RNKGI is never responsible for the success or failure of an investment in a company. Every User acknowledges that RNKGI does not give investment advice.
  1. Entering this agreement
  • This agreement is valid without a set end date. The User can terminate the agreement through a written notice to RNKGI.
  • RNKGI is authorized to terminate this agreement in writing immediately and without incurring liability and/or to postpone any obligations of RNKGI under this agreement and/or to exclude any User permanently from the online services offered and/or products of RNKGI and/or to remove any information placed by the User on the website if:
  • . User does not fulfil their commitments from this agreement fully or in a timely manner;
  • . User does not accept a change in these terms & conditions
  • . Information is obtained by RNKGI that gives good grounds to suspect that User will not honour its agreements;
  • . Circumstances arise which make compliance with this agreement unreasonable;
  • . RNKGI is made aware that the User has been involved in any way in placing information on the site of a discriminatory or offensive nature;
  • . RNKGI is made aware that the User has placed information on the website which is protected through intellectual property rights of a third party;
  • . RNKGI is made aware that User is involved in placing information on the website which could be damaging to the reputation of RNKGI or otherwise be harmful to RNKGI;
  • . User is declared bankrupt or an application for bankruptcy is made against the User;
  • . User is granted suspension of payments on the grounds of insolvency or requests are made for such a suspension;
  • If RNKGI chooses to take actions as described for one of the reasons described then RNKGI is not liable to compensate any damages or costs arising from this. RNKGI can take action against User to compensate for damages. In such a situation the RNKGI can exclude User from the website and remove any content placed by them.

RNKGI is not bound by any obligation towards User if RNKGI is prevented from carrying out an obligation by circumstances beyond their responsibility which are neither by law, legal action or common understanding considered the responsibility of RNKGI.

  1. Final provisions
  • If any part of this agreement is null and void this does not void the entire terms & conditions. In this case such a part of this agreement that is voided will be replaced with a stipulation that approaches the voided original as closely as possible.
  • If different translations of these terms & conditions conflict, the text of the Dutch language version will apply.
  • These terms & conditions fall under Dutch law. The application of the Vienna Convention is excluded.
  • Any disputes will be submitted to the relevant courts in Amsterdam.